“I have truly found my community! I moved to NYC and found Motumbaxé about 1 1/2 ago, everyone welcomed me made me feel right at home. If you are looking for a workout that will hit every muscle group (even some you did not know existed) this is the place for you. Further if you are looking for a community that will wrap you in support Motumbaxé is exactly what you need!!!!”


“Both the capoeira and BJJ classes at Motumbaxé are incredibly rewarding (and challenging). In the sea of fitness/martial arts options, this place is a one-of a kind. My daughter (8 years old) and I are both members and the positive experience we’ve had is hard to overstate. Come try it out!”


““I had always been curious about capoeira and one day decided to give it a shot, did a quick google search and found Motumbaxe. I was immediately hooked. Motumbaxe has it all – an incredible team of instructors led by Mestre Lampréia, a warm community and a constant challenge. The team’s skills, wealth of knowledge, and passion for Capoeira is inspiring. At Motumbaxe, I have found a community that brings tremendous energy everyday. It has been almost a year since I joined, and now I do it all – Capoeira and BJJ. No matter which one you decide to do (you should really do both), you will get pushed, you will learn and you will definitely have fun.”


“Have been coming since they first open. They are great. They work with you and your schedule. My kids take Capoeira and Jiu Jitsu here.”


“Motumbaxé is the best! I’ve been training martial arts for 20yrs, capoeira for 4 years, and I love this place. Mestre Lampréia is an amazing teacher. His experience, passion and care for his students are why I train at Motumbaxé. Additionally, the other instructors are equally amazing giving me an opportunity to learn from the higher cords. Capoeira is a beautiful art sharing the deep, beautiful culture of Brazil. More than just an amazing, fun work out there is music, singing and a loving community that feels like family. Bring yourself, your friends, your family. Everyone is welcome at Motumbaxé.”


“Had an opportunity to visit this place in February and it was the most awesome experience. It was for my daughter who loves physical activity it was a wonderful experience her teacher was kind, caring and a great instructor . She made her feel welcome and for weeks my daughter showed everyone her routine . The owner was kind caring and had a holistic view that resonated with me and my daughter. This place is one of the best teaching and learning environments for kids (and parents). “


“After trying various forms of workouts at several gyms, I was introduced to my new home at Motumbaxe (dont worry, I cant pronounce it either). The guys over here are not just your new workout group, they become the family you never knew you needed. It’s been over a year for me, and the change I see in myself and those around me is awe-inspiring… Dont take my word for it, just show up. You’ll see.”


There is something transformative about training with us…